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Dedicated and proactive network engineer with broad-based expertise in areas of network administration, preventative analysis and maintenance, systems engineering, hardware/software, installations and upgrades, testing, and troubleshooting. Creates new processes and improves upon existing processes to increase the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

My Skills

  • Cisco ASA 5500
  • Cisco ASA 5520
  • Nexus 7000
  • Cisco 6500
  • CIsco 4500
  • Cisco 3700
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My Education

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California - 2012

Computer Engineering

Trade School

Purpose and Functions of Various Network Devices such as Routers, Switches, Bridges and Hubs 1.1 Recognize the purpose and functions of various network devices such as routers, switches, bridges and hubs 1.2 Select the components required to meet a given network specification 1.3 Identify common applications and their impact on the network 1.4 Describe the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP/IP models 1.5 Predict the data flow between two hosts across a network 2.0 LAN Switching Technologies 3.0 IP addressing (IPv4/IPv6) 4.0 IP Routing Technologies 5.0 IP Services 6.0 Network Device Security 15% Show Details 7.0 Troubleshooting

Fullerton - 1997

Information Systems


Recommendation Letter


January 29, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

In my capacity as Applications Manager and subsequently, Information Services Director at Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, formerly known as Valley Health System, I have worked with Edward Webb for approximately fourteen years.

Ed has been a part of the IS Department filling several different positions from Network Technician to Network Engineer over his tenure at our Health Care system. His responsibilities included network maintenance, configurations and participation in many projects, including the relocation of our data center and our migration to the McKesson Paragon EMR system.

Ed is a team player that effectively interacted daily with staff in various departments throughout the
two Hospitals, outside contractors and vendors and the other IS department staff. He worked well on multiple System project teams, responsibly completing required work items and communicating out on any issues encountered. 

Ed also worked independently, completing required tasks, services requests and resolving production issues with an excellent understanding of the critical importance of turnaround times in a patient care setting.

Based on my experiences, Ed has been a dedicated employee that would be an asset to any company he would have the opportunity to work with.

Pat Mountain


Recommendation Letter 

February 3, 2014


To whom it may concern;

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Edward Webb as my official and personal perspective of both his personality and professionalism.

I have known and worked with Ed for eight years in a professional capacity at Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, also previously known as Valley Health System, Hemet Valley Medical Center and Menifee Valley Medical Center.

I am responsible for all Radiology Department computer system applications, from the clinical management side, and worked with Ed who gave us support for all networking, vpn, remote access and server related issues and projects.

Ed is extremely bright, resourceful, and technically knowledgeable in all the areas listed above.  Whenever there were implementation projects or live issues that we needed his assistance for, we could always count on his understanding and attention to detail in resolving all of our issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Ed is also well versed in project planning, and understands the nuances of prioritization, budgeting, technical matters and related integration concerns, as well as the needs of management at one end and the customer at the other.  This places him in a unique position of being a valuable component of any organization, and not simply a worker assigned to complete a simple task.  In this regard, Ed will, when given a project or task, review it completely to ensure that the value added portion of the project is identified and that ‘simple fixes’ are turned into productive, long term resolutions.

I highly recommend Ed to any organization looking to utilize and benefit from these characteristics I have outlined, and look forward to responding further to any inquiries via my contact information below.



Gene Reiver, CRT(F), R.T.(R) (ARRT)

RIS/PACS Specialist & Clinical Instructor, Diagnostic Imaging Dept.

Physicians for Healthy Hospitals

Hemet Valley Medical Center

1117 E. Devonshire Ave.

Hemet, CA 92543

Tel 951.791.4145 (ext.4145)   Cell 951.415.8709   Fax 951.765.4986



  • 2014 - 2017
    Sr. Network Engineer
    DENSO Wireless Systems America
  • 2014
    Network Administrator
  • 1997 - 2014
    Sr. Network Engineer
    Physicians for Healthy Hospitals

My Success Stories

242759 Physicians For healthy Hospitals EMR Project

Nov 2012 – Oct 2013 Project description Physicians for Healthy Hospitals, is upgrading their business networking system in an effort to support high speed initiatives. Because of the level of impact a network can have to critical business systems. • Create Technical Doc’s • Have Production Testing Plan • Network Security Plan • Have Switch Readiness • Have disaster recovery Plan • Install LAN Management Solution • Have IP routing Strategy • IP address Standards • Device Naming Standards • Data Center Resource Migration • Core Port Assignments • Network Device Inventory • Ip Network VLAN Inventory • Environment Requirements • Install Network Analysis Module

242759 HIPAA Security Assessment

Feb 2005 – Feb 2005 Project description Identify potential internal and external threats and vulnerabilities to electronic data. Compare Valley Health System’s existing security measures against the HIPPA’s Security regulations. Produce a comprehensive report identifying all areas of compliance and non-compliance as they relate to the current HIPPA Regulations. • Internal/External network assessment including penetration tests • Internet vulnerability assessment • Firewall diagnostic assessment • VPN assessment • Security policies and procures assessment

242759 2003-Verizon OC3 Implementation

Jan 2004 – Jan 2004 Project description Valley Health system has determent that T1 phone service is failing for future services we have engaged Verizon Engineering group on construction for the Sun City and the Moreno Valley locations. Sub duct and fiber will be pulled into these locations. Pull boxes in the basement of the Moreno Valley address will need to have a site visit to determine if the rusted boxes can be utilized. Anticipated completion date for the OC3’s is 10/30/02. This date will depend on the completion of the construction issues. A project timeline will be provided to the customer once the site visit has been complete. • Dimensions of data equipment to the Site by 7/19/02 • A comprehensive network and data diagram to be discussed by 7/19/02. • Schedule a meeting with the Verizon Outside Plant Engineer and the pull boxes at the Moreno Valley and Sun City sites. Also review where the extension of the Dmarc needs to be for these sites. By 7/12/02. • Clear racks and Server Room clean up at customer site by approx. 9/27/02. • Review (4) new Cisco 7206 VXR • Arrange with Verizon Turn-up Verizon High-Cap Circuits Startup High-Cap Circuits for ALL sites

242759 2003- Create Network Maps of all the devices

Jan 2003 – Jan 2003 Project description The Network at Hemet, Moreno Valley, and Menifee Hospitals and global map subnet map for documenting network devices • Used Visio and document all IDF network equipment • Used Visio and documented all IDF network equipment Edit project 2003- Network Closet Analysis Hemet Hospital- Network Infrastructure Upgrade Project name 2003- Network Closet Analysis Hemet Hospital- Network Infrastructure Upgrade Jan 2003 – Jan 2003 Project description • Clean up server room racks • identify all drops that that are affected • make maps before and after • document parts list • document all changes

242759 2002- Move Warehouse to Helig Meyers Plan

Jan 2002 – Dec 2002 Project description Warehouse planned move to new location due to budget issues • Install Network IDF • Plan and implement Verizon T1 Service • Install Network Cisco 7200x Router • Install Network Cisco 2900 Switch • Plan and implement PC installs • Plan and Implement Cabling

242759 2001- Moreno Valley Community Hospital, Data Cabling Upgrades (Frame Cleanup / Fiber Backbone

Jan 2001 – Dec 2001 Project description The Project to install (175) Quad copper data drops (700 total drops) in Cat-5E cable and Cat-5E Terminated end (Quad is inclusive of (4) Cat-5E cables, (1) 4 port single gang cover with (4) Cat-5E data jacks). Basement : • Install (1) Avaya 24/48 port fiber enclosure. • Relocate existing fiber from wall mount fiber enclosure. • Remove unused wall mount enclosure from wall. • Relocate existing router from old MDF to new MDF. • Install 1” plenum jacketed fiber optic inner duct between new MDF in basement to (2) IDF’s on first floor. All inner duct is to be supported at 4’ intervals according to local codes. • Install (1) 12-strand, multimode, plenum jacketed fiber optic cable from the new Basement MDF to the existing 1st floor IDF. • Install (1) 12-strand, multimode, plenum jacketed fiber optic cable from the new Basement MDF to the existing 1st floor Admin Office. • All couplers and connectors are to be ST style. • All fibers will be tested to be in conformance with IEEE standards for multimode fiber. Customer is to receive hard copy documentation of all test results. 1st Floor, 1st Floor ICU, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, 4th Floor

242759 2003- Network Closet Analysis Menifee Hospital- Network Infrastructure Upgrade Analyze and determine what closets need to be re-worked at Menifee Hospital.

Install new Cisco 5500 switch in MDF • Move old Cisco 5000 out to Moreno valley and install in rack, @ Menifee Valley Site • Analyze all closets and document the condition • Make maps before and after • Document any changes done to the closets • Identify any departments that are affected from any changes • Identify all drops that are affected • Document parts list

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